Our Work

Below are a sampling of recent solar land leasing projects we’ve had the privilege of contributing to. Whether it’s solar land leasing, solar development strategy, land origination or more, we’re here to help you shine.

Starks Solar

Sited on fallow farm land in Maine, this project invested close to a half million dollars in utility infrastructure that benefitted not only the array but also the surrounding community with more reliable power.

Parker Solar

This overgrown plot of land that once housed a local racetrack was repurposed to provide the land owner revenue, the town an increased tax base and the local utility green, cost-competitive energy.

Pittsfield Solar

This 1MW array feeds local business with clean, below market energy and will continue doing so for at least twenty years.


Located in New Hampshire, these arrays maximized land that was not producing revenue for the landowner. Additionally, the construction process helped fund environmental clean up on site from previous land uses.

Judson House Solar

Supplying clean energy to the residents of Judson House, this 100kw AC project has lowered costs and increased property NOI.

Icarian I Solar

Icarian I was built for the sole purpose of offsetting nearly 100% of the electrical needs of a Portland, ME-based Section 8 property serving over 50 units of elderly and disabled tenants.

Icarian II Solar

As an addition to the originally developed array, Icarian II more than doubled project capacity to feed a local affordable housing agency.

Chester Solar

This unused property was acquired in early 2023 and currently holds a queue position in the Versant territory.

Conway Green Hill

Using a low yielding hay field this project injects hundred of thousands of kwh’s to the local grid while increasing town income through increased tax base.

Franklin Solar

Sited on old industrial land this array helped fund the clean up of old environmental issues while maximizing revenue to the landowner.

Hampden Solar

This overgrown and abandoned gravel pit found a new life with the installation of this array and close a million dollars invested in the local grid infrastructure by the array owner.

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